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A degree in public health is an investment in your future. At Berkeley Public Health, we understand the important role funding opportunities play in the decision to pursue your degree.

Note: For fees and financial aid information for Online Program applicants and students, please go to the Online Program Fees and Financial Aid page.

For information about Berkeley Public Health’s tuition and fees, as well as residency requirements, please visit the tuition, fees and residency section of UC Berkeley’s Office of the Registrar website. Please note that all costs are subject to change.

Note: MPH and DrPH students are required to pay professional degree supplemental tuition each semester. For more information, visit UC Berkeley’s Office of the Registrar website.

In addition to the general cost of attendance, students are required to own or have access to a personal computer. Students may request a loan amount from the UC Berkeley Financial Aid Office to cover this requirement.

How to Fund Your Degree in Public Health

Note: For general information about funding your undergraduate degree, please visit the UC Berkeley Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.

During the admission process, applicants are eligible to be nominated for a UC Berkeley Fellowship or Regents Fellowship. If you would like to be considered for these campus-wide fellowship competitions, please reach out to the specific program you are applying to for the necessary guidelines.

Each academic year, merit and need-based fellowships and scholarships are awarded to eligible students by both UC Berkeley’s Graduate Division and Berkeley Public Health. For more information about the fellowships, scholarships and awards, please refer to the following resources:

Doctoral students (PhD and DrPH) typically receive funding by soft-money grants, such as working as a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) or teaching as a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI). Both options not only cover a fee remission, but also provide a monthly stipend.

Students enrolled in Master’s programs (MA, MS and MPH) typically fund their education with a combination of student loans, GSI/GSR appointments, extramural scholarships and work-study opportunities. Students enrolled in the Berkeley Public Health Online Program should reference the Online Program Fees and Financial Aid page.

AB540/DACA postgraduate program students are eligible for UC Berkeley and departmental funding.

Financial Assistance

Graduate students may apply for need-based loans and work-study through the UC Berkeley Financial Aid Office. The programs are based on demonstrated financial need and require a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Low-income students with dependent children and high need will be considered for a need-based parent grant award, as funding permits.

Questions about Financial Aid programs may be directed to Cal Student Central. In addition, please visit the UC Berkeley Financial Aid and Scholarships website for more information. Only U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens (those holding permanent resident cards) may apply for funds administered by the UC Berkeley Financial Aid Office.

Students are also encouraged to independently seek funding from external sources. A number of scholarship search resources are available online, including:

As a member of the Association for Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH), our graduate students have access to various funding resources, including external sources that are based on specific qualifying criteria (e.g., race, gender, state of residency, etc.). Be sure to investigate these opportunities.

Financial Assistance for International Students

Financial aid awards from the UC Berkeley International Office consist of individual grants applied directly to tuition and fees via the UC Berkeley student records system. Award amounts vary depending on the number of applicants and levels of need per semester. Grants do not need to be repaid.

Students who are married and/or have children living with them in the Bay Area may also apply for the Supplemental Family Grant. A family grant can be applied directly to tuition and fees or can be disbursed in the form of a taxable stipend. Award amounts vary depending on the number of applicants and level of need. Family grants do not need to be repaid. See a complete list of financial aid options on the UC Berkeley International Office website.

Student Family Assistance

The University of California offers a variety of services and resources for student families. Visit the UC Berkeley Graduate Division website to learn more about campus resources that aid student families in the search for affordable housing, child care, health insurance and more.

Appeals and Special Circumstances

In addition to Student Family Assistance, the UC Berkeley Financial Aid and Scholarships Office offers a variety of services and resources for student parents, disabled students, nonresidents of California and veterans.

Another resource is the ASUC Student Advocate’s Office, a student-run office that provides free and confidential advice and representation to students who experience issues or conflicts with the university. This office also offers support in completing an appeals process.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

For information about the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, please visit the U.S. Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid website.

Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) Positions

The UC Berkeley Graduate Division’s GSI Teaching and Resource Center provides pedagogical support and guidance for new and continuing GSIs. Center services include fall and spring teaching conferences, workshops on teaching, the GSI Online Course on Professional Standards and Ethics, grants and awards for GSIs and faculty, confidential consultations, the Language Proficiency Program for international GSIs, and the Teaching Guide for GSIs.

There is not one single resource that lists all of the GSR/GSI positions available. Some departments will list openings and/or advertise them via email. GSI hirings are usually handled by the faculty who are offering these positions, so getting to know faculty and their research is strongly recommended for obtaining any of these types of positions.

It is not recommended that incoming students undertake GSR/GSI positions during their first semester. However, if you would like to search for positions, you should identify faculty who you would like to work with and contact them directly.

Candidates must have prior coursework experience for the specific course they will be working in. GSI hiring occurs during the academic semester prior to the one that you are applying for.

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