Berkeley Public Health is providing local, national and global leadership during this extraordinary public health crisis. We are working on the leading edge of COVID-19 research to find game-changing solutions; providing science-based counsel to policymakers and decisionmakers; educating the public about COVID-19 through events, articles, and other media; and mobilizing our community to serve Bay Area’s most vulnerable populations during this pandemic.

Managing COVID Online Class

Berkeley Public Health Responds to COVID-19

In this free online course, UC Berkeley faculty with a wide range of expertise deliver more than 20 easy-to-understand, 20-minute lectures addressing essential topics related to COVID-19, from the history of pandemics and how pandemic modeling works to the mechanisms of COVID-19 spread and proven interventions.

In the final section of the course, experts cover how organizations and individuals are coping, and look at the range of potential health and economic impacts of this pandemic.

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What We’re Doing

Berkeley Public Health is producing groundbreaking research, mobilizing communities and providing mental health support during this public health crisis. We are engaging in transdisciplinary collaboration, leveraging the geography of genius on Berkeley campus with some of the best schools of engineering and data science, biology and social sciences, business and public policy, as well as across the Bay Area, including UCSF and Stanford, in search of game-changing solutions to this pandemic.

Berkeley Public Health Responds to COVID-19


Our faculty are working at the leading edge of COVID-19 research, from basic science to better understand the molecular mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2, to the development of rapid diagnostics and therapeutics, to research on and statistical modeling of the population burden of SARS-CoV-2, telemedicine, and broader impacts of SARS-CoV-2 and related societal changes, including education and management of other health conditions, especially for the most vulnerable populations. Visit the Research Action Team page for more information.

Coronavirus: Facts and Fears - Q & A on COVID-19

Community Action

Our Community Action Team is composed of diverse students, faculty and staff aiming to tap into the wellspring of activism, volunteerism and leadership that defines who we are—a community of doers; a community of changemakers. The team offers community support, clinical support, and advocacy.  

Visit the Community Action Team page for more information.

Berkeley Public Health Responds to COVID-19

Resiliency and Mental Health Initiative

A team of dedicated faculty, staff and students formed the Resiliency and Mental Health leadership team which met regularly in April 2020 and launched many initiatives to enhance the connectedness and empathy throughout our internal BPH community. The team also vetted and shared a list of key mental health resources.

Our Experts – COVID-19

UC Berkeley Public Health faculty, researchers and staff are available to provide commentary to the news media specifically related to COVID-19. Contact: with media requests.