New Opportunities for Home Cooks

November 10, 2018

A new bill passed in California now allows cooks to sell food made at home. School of Public Health Professor Jaspal S. Sandhu wrote an Op-Ed in the Edible East Bay discussing what this means for the health and wellbeing of some families in California.

“Although I work in public health, my interests don’t end with food safety. I’m motivated by the impacts of this bill on the well-being of families and communities. Perhaps the most important benefit is supplementary income for low-income families, using resources already at their disposal—a home kitchen and cooking skills. By removing legal barriers to entry, AB 626 will enable small-scale entrepreneurship and income that many families desperately need, especially those with young children. For these parents, the opportunity is two-fold: legal, supplemental income and reduced childcare expenditures resulting from the flexibility of working from home,” Sandhu writes.

Read the full Op-Ed on Edible East Bay