The Lost Generation: Trump’s environmental policies are putting the health of American children at risk.


February 20, 2019

Salinas Valley, informally known as the Salad Bowl of the world, is the site of a study by Brenda Eskenazi, Professor at School of Public Health. There, she looked at the effects of pesticides on children’s brain development. Eskenazi began her study two decades, making shocking discoveries about the extent to which pesticides can harm child development. Greater exposure to pesticides led to higher risk of developmental disorders and symptoms, along with lowered IQ. Researchers stress that these effects are not limited to those living in commmunities like Salinas Valley.

“It’s not like the exposures that the farmworkers are getting are so outside of the realm of possibility of the general U.S. citizen,” says Eskenazi. “They’re also getting exposure from residues in food, just like we are.”

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