Tulare Protest Held Against Proposed Pesticide Regulations

December 1, 2016

Valley Voice: In Tulare, California, upwards of 75 parents, teachers and advocates for social justice marched on November 16 in protest of draft regulations they say fall short of protecting California schoolchildren and staff from exposure to hazardous agricultural pesticides, particularly for Latino schoolchildren who are far more likely to attend the most impacted schools.

“Pesticides hang around long after they are applied and the damage from this can be long-term, as well,” said Caty Wagner, a TC CAPS member and founder of Sequoia Mavericks. “Brain-harming organophosphates are applied in enormous quantities near Tulare County schools—amounts linked to IQ loss in children for prenatal exposure,” Ms. Wagner added, referring to a recent UC Berkeley CHAMACOS study in the Salinas Valley.

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