Trump’s EPA fights to keep controversial insecticide in use

October 10, 2018

In a conversation on PBS NewsHour, School of Public Health Berkeley Professor and epidemiologist Brenda Eskenazi shared her research on the impact organophosphates have on children who live near fields where the insecticide chlorpyrifos was deployed.

She began studying 600 pregnant women in the Salinas Valley nearly 20 years ago. Eskenazi found pregnant women with signs of organophosphates in their urine gave birth earlier, had children with diminished I.Q.s, and more.

“Attention problems when the kid was school-age, lower I.Q. in middle school age, poor executive function a little bit later. And now we’re beginning to show some signs of poor social cognition, which is kind of related to autism-like symptoms” says Eskenazi.

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