Graduate Academics

Graduate Academic Divisions

At Berkeley Public Health, graduate students have the opportunity to pursue their academic interests and become public health leaders through one of six divisions. Our divisions are interdisciplinary and bring together faculty and students from many fields of research and concentrations. At the same time, each division offers specific degree opportunities where students can choose a program that fits their passions.


Degrees offered: MA, PhD

Many issues in the health, medical, and biological sciences are addressed by collecting and exploring relevant data. The development and application of techniques to better understand such data is the fundamental concern of the Group in Biostatistics. The program offers training in theory of statistics and biostatistics, computer implementation of analytic methods, and opportunities to use this knowledge in areas of biological/medical research. Learn more on the Biostatistics division page.

Community Health Sciences

Degrees offered: MPH

We provide public health researchers, clinicians and practitioners a deeper understanding of the interdisciplinary and community-based nature of public health. Our faculty focus on how biological susceptibility and resistance works alongside social, physical and cultural environments to influence the emergence and prevalence of disease. Learn more on the Community Health Sciences division page. Focus areas within this division are:

Environmental Health Sciences

Degrees offered: MPH, MS, PhD

Our division includes faculty and students at the forefront of research that characterizes how environmental exposures—industrialization, urbanization, effects of climate change, microbial and chemical contamination of water, air, and food—affect human populations, particularly the most vulnerable members of society. Learn more on the Environmental Health Sciences division page.


Degrees offered: MPH, MS, PhD

The purposes of epidemiological research are to discover the causes of disease, to advance and evaluate methods of disease prevention, and to aid in planning and evaluating the effectiveness of public health programs. Epidemiologists are interested in the study of infectious and noninfectious diseases. In recent years they have turned their attention increasingly toward the study of conditions affected by forces in the social and physical environment. Learn more on the Epidemiology division page.

Health Policy and Management

Degrees offered: MPH, PhD

Healthcare is a fast-paced field that continually evolves. Through a curriculum that covers policy analysis, strategic management, information technology, economics, disease prevention, and law and ethics, we prepare graduates for leadership roles in healthcare management positions in a range of settings, from healthcare delivery to governmental or nonprofit agencies. Learn more on the Health Policy and Management division page.

Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology

Degrees offered: MPH, PhD

The study of infectious diseases considers multiple aspects, from the molecular biology, ecology and evolution of pathogens to the human populations where infectious agents transmit disease. By designing and implementing independent investigations, our students gain a deeper, holistic understanding of infectious diseases and human immunology to apply to the development of disease diagnostics, prevention, treatment and control. Learn more on the Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology division page.

Interdisciplinary Division

Degrees offered: MPH, DrPH

Berkeley Public Health encourages students to explore an interdisciplinary education. To that end, we offer unique opportunities through our various degree options—students can customize and tailor their graduate curriculum so that it meets their individual professional needs. Learn more on the Interdisciplinary division page.

Concurrent Graduate Degrees

Degrees offered: MPH with MBA, MCP, MJ, MPP or MSW

The School of Public Health has established concurrent degree programs with other schools and departments on campus that allow students to take advantage of the unique opportunities for interdisciplinary study that Berkeley offers.

In these programs, students follow a carefully designed curriculum that allows them to complete the requirements for two degrees in less time than is normally required to complete the two degrees separately. Applicants to concurrent degree programs must be admitted into both of the sponsoring professional schools.

Learn more about concurrent degrees

Joint Graduate Degree with UCSF

Degree offered: MD/MS

Berkeley Public Health offers a joint program with the University of California, San Francisco that allows medical students the opportunity to receive public health training in conjunction with their medical education.

Learn more about the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program (MS/MD)

Public Health Online

Our 27 month online MPH program delivers a rewarding educational experience that equips you with relevant, unique skills around your schedule, from anywhere in the world.

We empower mid-level professionals to advance their careers while earning an MPH from a world-leading university. Our flexible program is designed to allow students to increase their knowledge and impact while maintaining their current lifestyle.


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Undergraduate Academics

Undergraduate degrees and certificates

Bachelor’s in Public Health (BA)

Undergraduates who major in Public Health earn a Bachelor’s of Arts degree. Students will develop and apply knowledge from multiple disciplines for the promotion and protection of the health of the human population, giving due consideration to principles of human rights and cultural perspectives that abound in our multicultural country and world.

Summer Minor in Global Public Health

The Summer Minor in Global Public Health program explores health-related issues affecting populations in the United States and worldwide. Students complete courses covering a range of disciplines and methods relevant to promoting and protecting human health, emerging health issues, and healthcare systems. This program can also be completed by non-Berkeley students to earn a non-degree certificate in Global Public Health.


Berkeley Public Health ensures that all graduates are grounded in foundational public health knowledge, foundational competencies essential to the practice of public health, and concentration competencies unique to their degree program. MPH and DrPH students complete an integrative learning experience (ILE) that demonstrates synthesis of foundational and concentration competencies.

Berkeley Public Health ensures that all graduates are grounded in foundational public health knowledge, foundational competencies essential to the practice of public health, and concentration competencies unique to their degree program. MPH and DrPH students complete an integrative learning experience (ILE) and applied practice experience (APEx) that demonstrate synthesis of foundational and concentration competencies.

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Through our six divisions, various undergraduate, graduate and online degree options and specialty areas, we offer students the chance to tailor their research and coursework curriculum to their individual career aspirations.

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