Berkeley Public Health encourages students to explore an interdisciplinary education. To that end, we offer unique opportunities through our various degree options—students can customize and tailor their graduate curriculum so that it meets their individual professional needs.

Doctor of Public Health

Our DrPH program provides students with a transdisciplinary command of the field of public health, including the determinants of health and the scientific and professional leadership skills to translate this knowledge into effective health interventions. Most graduates who earn this degree occupy leadership positions with major influence on public health research, policy, programs and systems.

Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

Interdisciplinary MPH

Our unique master’s program offers a specialized, customizable curriculum designed to meet the needs of mature scholars with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds and specific public health career goals in mind. The program focuses on an interdisciplinary understanding of complex issues and the leadership challenges of successful interventions in public health.

Interdisciplinary Master of Public Health (MPH)

Online MPH

Our expert faculty help students develop high level skills in core areas of public health, including biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, social and behavioral science, and health services management. This online 27-month master’s program is designed to prepare working professionals for rapid career growth.

Berkeley Public Health Online

“4+1” One-Year MPH

The 4+1 is an accelerated master’s program for students who have completed their undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Public Health at UC Berkeley. There are specific requirements to be met for a student to be eligible for the participating programs in the 4+1.

“4+1” Master of Public Health (One-year MPH)

DrPH Faculty

Interdisciplinary MPH Faculty

Online MPH Faculty