Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

Semester Cap

Non-transfer students must apply to the public health major by the end of their fifth semester in attendance at UC Berkeley. It is strongly recommended that students apply by the end of their fourth semester. We will not accept applications from graduating seniors or from students who are in their sixth term or above, even if it’s not the student’s first major. There are no exceptions. 

Transfer students must apply by the end of their first semester in attendance at UC Berkeley.

GPA Minimum

Although there is no minimum GPA requirement for applying to the major, the most successful applicants have a prerequisite GPA above 2.75. If you have further questions, contact our Berkeley Public Health undergraduate academic advisor.

Prerequisite Coursework

All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to applying to the major. For most students this is usually at the end of their fourth semester in attendance. For transfer students this is usually at the end of their first semester in attendance at UC Berkeley. All students must earn at least a C- in all of their prerequisite coursework. All prerequisites and courses for the major must be taken for a letter grade.

Data 8 is not a public health prerequisite; it is a major requirement. You do not have to complete Data 8 before applying to the public health major, although it is encouraged for planning purposes.

Complete at least 7 units of coursework from the following list:

  • BIOLOGY 1A: General Biology (3)
    • Per the Molecular and Cell Biology department, students are required to enroll in both Biology 1A and Biology 1AL in the same term. Biology 1AL (2) will not count towards the 7 units of Biological Science Prerequisites.
  • BIOLOGY 1B: General Biology (4)
  • MCELLBI 32: Introduction to Human Physiology (3)
  • MCELLBI 50: Immune System and Disease (3 units prior to Spring 2018; 4 units starting Spring 2018)
  • MCELLBI 55: Plagues and Pandemics (3)
  • MCELLBI C61/PSYCH C61: Brain, Mind and Behavior (3)
  • NUSCTX 10: Introduction to Human Nutrition (3)

Complete a full year of MATH (MATH A/B):

  • MATH 32: Precalculus (only if completed Fall 2016 or earlier) (4)
  • MATH 1A: Calculus (4)
  • MATH 1B: Calculus (4)
  • MATH 10A: Methods of Mathematics (4)
  • MATH 10B: Methods of Mathematics (4)
  • MATH 16A: Calculus (3)
  • MATH 16B: Calculus (3)

Three courses in at least two areas:

  • Psychology
    • PSYCH 1 or 2: General/Principles of Psychology (3)
  • Sociology
    • SOCIOL 1 or 3 or 3AC: Introduction/Principles of Sociology (4)
    • SOCIOL 5: Evaluation of Evidence (4)
  •  Economics
    • ECON 1 or ECON 2 or ECON C3/ENVECON C1 Introduction to Economics (4)
  •  Anthropology
    • ANTHRO 3 or 3AC: Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology (4)
  • Political Science
    • POL SCI 2: Introduction to Comparative Politics (4)
    • POL SCI 4: Introduction to Political Theory (4)

Note: If you took a prerequisite course at another four-year institution or an out-of-state community college, please contact the appropriate UC Berkeley department to determine the course equivalency. Be prepared to submit your syllabus along with your request (for example, if you took Math 33 at Penn State, contact the UC Berkeley Math department to see if the course is equivalent to one of our prerequisite math courses). However, if your coursework was taken at a California Community College, and is listed on assist.org as an equivalent course, you do not need to submit additional forms.

During the fall and spring semesters, it is highly unlikely that non-public health major students will be able to enroll in public health core classes (with the exception of PH HLTH 142) since public health major students have priority during the Phase I & II enrollment windows. In addition, taking public health core classes does not guarantee admission into the major.

AP Exam Credit

If you have taken both an AP exam and the equivalent college-level course, we will only take the grade from the college-level course into consideration for admissions purposes. We will not accept both as two separate prerequisites. 

If you need clarification on AP Exam credit, please contact our Berkeley Public Health undergraduate academic advisor.

The undergraduate public health major accepts Advanced Placement (AP) units for the Social Sciences and Math prerequisites. AP scores of 3, 4 or 5 are acceptable for the following courses:

  • Psychology for PSYCH 1 or PSYCH 2
  • Economics (both micro and macro needed) for ECON 1, 2 or 3
  • Government for POL SCI 2 or 4
  • Math
    • A minimum score of a 3 on the Math AB or BC exam is equivalent to Math 1A.
    • A score of 5 on the Math BC is equivalent to MATH 1A and 1B

For AP Government, you may take either POL SCI 2 or 4 in combination with your AP score.

Admissions Statistics*

3.44 Average Prerequisite GPA of Accepted Students
3.43 Average Overall GPA of Accepted Students
~81.5% Admissions Rate

*2017—18 Statistics

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