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Room reservations

Please see the sections below for information about reserving rooms in Berkeley Way West and University Hall. Please be sure to read the Best Practices section for room reservation guidelines. Information on additional campus event facilities can be found on the Berkeley Events website.

Reserving rooms in Berkeley Way West

Room numberCapacitySetupPhone NumberAdditional Information
5101 BWW
26Screen and projector, computer, audio conferencing510-642-1948Microphone and speaker in ceiling; computer in credenza
5310 BWW
16Screen and projector, computer, audio conferencing510-642-1983Speaker in ceiling; computer in credenza
Centene Board Room
5400 BWW
22Screen and projector, computer, audio conferencing510-642-1974Speaker in ceiling; computer in credenza
5401 BWW
22Screen and projector, audio conferencingN/ASpeaker in ceiling
5420 BWW
16Screen and projector, audio conferencingN/ASpeaker in ceiling
5422 BWW
16Screen and projector, computer, audio conferencing510-642-2075Speaker in ceiling; computer in credenza
5434 BWW
16Screen and projector, audio conferencingN/ASpeaker in ceiling
401 University Hall
20Projector screen, whiteboard510-643-8618

5th floor conference rooms #5310-Bayer, #5420-Shortell, #5422-Schaeffer, and #5434-Froland are available to self-book in bCal.

  • To add a room to a meeting, search by “BWW” on the “Rooms” tab (next to “Guests”) to view/select an available room.
  • To add the rooms to your saved calendars, click the + “Add other calendars” (next to “other calendars”), then “Browse resources,” then scroll down to “BWW” to select the rooms you’d like.

#5101 (Caravan), #5400 (Centene Board Room), and #5401 (Eustace-Kwan) can be requested via this reservation form.

These spaces are for meetings and events; they are not for instructional purposes or office hours (see the Classrooms and Seminar Rooms section of this page). #5101 (Caravan) and #5400 (Centene Board Room) are accessible without 5th floor keycard access.

Questions? Contact

These spaces can only be reserved after the 2nd week of instruction of each semester and cannot be booked beyond the current academic term.

Contact for availability and to request a reservation.

Each room has a capacity of 75. Combined capacity is 150. No catering permitted.

These spaces can only be reserved after the 2nd week of instruction of each semester and cannot be booked beyond the current academic term. Contact to request a reservation.

Daytime use of the Terrace Garden (9 am-5 pm) can be requested via this reservation form. Maximum capacity is 99, but you can reserve one half the terrace garden for smaller gatherings. Daytime reservations are not private events as the terrace will remain open for the BPH community to take breaks.

Evening use of Terrace Garden: To reserve the Terrace Garden outside of business hours (any event starting 5 pm or later), please fill out this reservation form. Maximum capacity is 99.

Contact for information and to request a reservation. Please put “Reservation Request” and the event date in the subject line.

Reserving rooms in University Hall

BPH has a standing reservation for 150 University Hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 to 7 pm. The room may also be available to reserve at other times.

To reserve this room, contact You will receive an auto-reply with instructions on how to reserve the room. The instructions include a link to the 150 University Hall calendar where you can view available time slots.

Best practices for room reservations

Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please make all requests at least two weeks prior to your desired meeting time. Book your start time thoughtfully, as a reserved but empty conference room is considered available for others 10 minutes after the reservation start time.

If you no longer need your reservation, please email or (depending on which space you have reserved) to cancel. Include “Cancellation” in the subject line and the room, date, and time of your meeting in the message.

After your meeting, please be sure the room is cleared of trash, tabletops are wiped clean, the whiteboard is erased, furniture is reset to its proper configuration (see diagram in room), and the lights are turned off.

Reservation start time should include 30 mins to 1 hour for pre-event set up and reservation end time should include 30 mins to 1 hour for cleanup. The reserving party is responsible for cleanup. See below for details.

Technical support staff is not provided. You may bring your own equipment or contact Berkeley AV to contract audio/visual support for a fee.

Please note, there is a key check-out process for after-hours events. The event’s faculty or staff host is responsible to contact at least 2 days prior to the date of the confirmed event to arrange key check out.

Host/organizer is responsible to follow current campus guidelines for in-person events.

As a host/organizer, you are responsible for complying with Article 5 – Regents Policy 5402 and SB820 for contracting covered services including catering.

It is important to know the Maximum Meal Expenses when planning catering for your event.

Host/organizer must follow proof of vaccination protocol when applicable and when serving food or beverage indoors. However, guests may eat and drink freely on the terrace without masks or proof of vaccination.

Current Catering Rules

Currently, Berkeley Catering or I-House Catering are the only approved caterers for events where food preparation and/or services (such as pouring wine, serving or preparing plates for guests, set-up, or clean-up after the event) are provided by catering staff.

Delivery is an Option

You may have prepared food, drinks, plates, cups, etc., dropped off by outside caterers, restaurants, or delivery services. In this case, campus organizers are in charge of setting up the food, serving it, and cleaning it up after the event. Food must be prepared offsite.

Getting a Catering Exemption

If you feel like your event would benefit from full-service catering, you should start the process at least 5-6 weeks in advance.

  1. Contact Berkeley Catering or I-House Catering to see if they are available to cater your event. If they are, you’re set! Both services are understaffed currently, though, so it’s likely they will not be able to cater. If they cannot:

  2. You may ask for a catering exemption to use outside catering by contacting Procurement Analyst, Kathryn Wight, at at least four weeks prior to your event.

  3. If your exemption is approved, you may contract out for full catering services, including setup, serving, and cleanup.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages require an Alcohol Permit from UCPD. Notify UCPD as soon as reasonably practicable, but no less than seven (7) days in advance. Notification to UCPD does not guarantee that alcohol service will be approved.

To notify UCPD, an Alcohol Permit Request Form must be fully completed and signed by:

  1. “Department Approver:” Faculty/Staff/Academic Sponsor or Host authorizing the event.

  2. “Onsite UC Employee:” Person responsible to be onsite during the event to ensure no one under 21 years of age is served alcohol.

  3.  “Facility Approver:” The BWW building manager, Jeanette Thompson,

The host is responsible for including the clean-up time in their reservation request. Conference rooms should be cleaned and reset according to the schematic posted. Events/Meetings with food & beverage and/or more than 25 attendees are responsible to dispose of all trash and may contact Facility Services in advance if additional trash cans or janitorial support is needed. To arrange this service, email and provide event information, including payment via campus chart string. Please note, the current rate for service is 4 hour minimum at $109.00 per hour.

Hosts are responsible for the condition of the terrace after use and responsible to return the terrace furniture to its original configuration.

Please remove all posted signage (building walls, elevators, doorways) related to your event directly after your event ends.

Please do not leave catering supplies, event equipment, recycling, or trash in any office spaces on the 5th floor.

For events or set up beginning before 5pm, the event host/coordinator is responsible to notify Dean’s Suite staff of potential work distractions by email at at least four (4) days prior to inform of the timing of the event.

Event host/organizer is responsible to provide an accessibility statement and accessibility coordinator contact for their event and to respond to any requests for participation in their event. For guidance and resources, please see UC Berkeley’s Disability Access & Compliance website.

Sample accessibility statement:

“If you require an accommodation for effective communication (ASL interpreting/CART captioning, alternative media formats, etc.) or information about campus mobility access features in order to fully participate in this event, please contact [name of AC] at [contact information phone number and email] with as much advance notice as possible and at least 7-10 days in advance of the event.”

The UCPD Special Events Unit is responsible for working with campus partners to assess the needs of major campus events and other official or sanctioned activities that may pose unique safety and security concerns. If after-hour, weekend, or events that otherwise may require security, or to assess your security needs, please submit a UCPD Event Security Assessment three (3) weeks in advance of your event.

Please notify either (after-hours/large events) or (daytime events on 5th floor), at least 24 hours in advance of your reservation start time if you need to cancel your reservation. Include “Cancellation” in the subject line and the room, date, and time of your meeting in the message.

Berkeley Public Health’s events calendar is a part of the UC Berkeley Calendar Network. UC Berkeley community members with a CalNet ID may submit an event to the campus-wide UC Berkeley Events Calendar and share the information with Berkeley Public Health (as well as other appropriate departments or groups) for possible inclusion in these targeted calendars.

Please read the event submissions guidelines before submitting an event.

Working in Berkeley Way West

The Berkeley Way West building bridges the campus and community, physically representing our shared mission to work together to support health, development, and education.

Keycard access for Masters and Doctoral students

If you have a new ID card, complete the UC Berkeley CardKey Application. The form will be routed to your Program Manager for review and approval. Once approved, it will be sent to UCPD for processing. Please allow 4–5 business days for building access.

Master students including GSIs will receive access to the Berkeley Way West building, bike room, 5th floor lobby area, and graduate student lounge 24/7, and to the secured areas of the 5th Monday through Friday, 8am–6pm.

Doctoral students and GSRs will receive access to the Berkeley Way West building, bike room, graduate student lounge and 5th and 6th Floors. Access is granted for 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Keycard access for faculty and staff

If you have a new ID card, complete the UCPD Cardkey Application. In the “Access” fields, specify: 1st floor classrooms; 2nd floor Student Services; 2nd floor Student Lounge; 5th floor BPH; and/or 6th floor BPH.

Keycard access issues

If your keycard access has stopped working email Include: your full name; employee ID number or student ID number; the entire number on the back of your card; your phone number; your supervisor’s name, contact email, and phone number; and specify locations to be accessed.

Building security

Try to wear (or carry) your Cal ID at all times. This helps others know who you are and recognize that you are a UC Berkeley employee. It will also make it easier for you to travel through keycard-secured areas.

Be aware of letting people in behind you; ask to see their Cal ID, if it’s not someone whom you recognize. Keycard-secured doors should not be propped open. Make sure to lock up your belongings when leaving the building, including sensitive documents and laptops.

A Security Patrol Officer (SPO) is stationed on the 1st floor of the building. Should you be in need of assistance, call the UCPD non-emergency line at 510-642-6760, or if it is an emergency and you are on campus, you can dial the UCPD emergency number from your cell phone at 510-642-3333 and the SPO and/or a UCPD officer will be dispatched to your location. In the event of an emergency, do not delay in calling 911 from a campus landline phone.

How to set up a Meeting Owl Pro device

  1. Connect your computer to the projector or screen
  2. Start your Zoom
  3. Set up Owl – everything is plug and play
    • Connect power supply (located underneath the Owl). The Owl Pro will automatically turn on and “hoot”
    • Connect USB from Owl to your computer (located underneath the Owl). Zoom will automatically detect the Owl’s camera and microphone
  4. Choose the Owl’s microphone in your Zoom settings
    • Click on the “Mute” button – a microphone and speaker menu will appear
    • Select “Meeting Owl Pro” for your microphone
    • Select “Crestron 420 (Crestron 420)” for your speaker
  5. Choose the Owl’s camera in your Zoom setting
    1. Click on the “Stop Video” button – a camera menu will appear
    2. Select “Meeting Owl Pro” for your camera

If successful, you will see “OWLLabs Meeting Owl Pro” appear on your screen.

The Dean’s Office has two OWLs which can be reserved via this reservation form. These OWLs are intended for use only at BWW during business hours.

Different A/V capacity in conference, huddle and classrooms

Standard video-conferencing: All conference rooms, huddle rooms, colloquia rooms and classrooms have A/V screens and the ability to connect via HDMI or wireless (using Eduroam). All of these rooms have sound panels embedded in the video screens or overhead so that any audio (e.g. individuals participating in a Zoom, Skype, etc.) can be heard through those speakers. Volume can be controlled through either the table top Crestron screen (if present) or the TV remote (not the volume bar on your computer). If you are using the A/V for a video conference call, the computer controlling the presentation is the microphone source.

Enhanced video-conferencing: The more recent investment provides more advanced two-way video and audio in two conference rooms, 5101 and 5420 and one classroom, 1205. In these rooms there is a wide-angle camera that allows individuals on the other end of the meeting/class to see participants, and there are either drop down microphones from the ceiling (5101 and 1205) or microphones in the sound panel on the screen (5420) to capture volume of participants in the meeting.

Other A/V information

Lapel microphones are available in the following BWW rooms: 1102, 1104, 1203, 1205, 1215, 1217, and 5101. Lapels are stored in the podium or computer kiosk in the room in a plastic bag. Please return the lapels and ensure they are turned off so as not to drain the batteries.

If you need assistance with A/V, please reach out to your Division Manager, the building manager Jeanette G. Thompson, BPH Operations Coordinator Rae Lundberg, or Paul McCue. We highly encourage you to test your equipment beforehand so that there is time to provide assistance.

Please note that this A/V software does not – unfortunately – communicate as well with Mac computers. If you are having trouble with your Mac, please ask for assistance or, if you’re in a pinch and someone else in the meeting has a PC, you may have better luck with the PC.

When booking conference rooms, if you do not require enhanced videoconferencing, please consider booking a different room so that those who need this technology can use it. If you need scheduling assistance for a meeting that requires enhanced videoconferencing and the rooms are already booked, please work with the front-desk by emailing

The Building Emergency Plan (BEP) for 2121 Berkeley Way (Berkeley Way West) is available for download as a PDF file below.

A Building Emergency Plan is required for each occupied UC Berkeley building. The plan is considered part of every building’s basic health and safety responsibility. BEP’s contain information for a variety of emergency situations, including medical emergencies, power outages, hazardous material spills, fires, bomb threats, civil disturbances, and earthquakes.

It is important for staff to read and understand their worksite(s)’s BEP before an emergency occurs. Managers should share safety information with faculty, staff, and students, brief all new personnel as they join the department, and keep copies of the BEP in accessible locations. The BEP must be made available to all occupants upon request.

Download the BWW Building Emergency Plan here.

Workstation areas are considered quiet areas. Voices should be kept to a lower volume. Be aware of your surroundings and respect your colleagues. Be mindful of loud discussions, noise, and cell phone conversations in common areas. Consider relocating to a focus room, huddle room, or available office for lengthy conversations.

Huddle/focus/conference rooms with frosted windows are designed for sensitive meetings/student consultation/Q&E. If you do not require a frosted room, please consider using a different space to ensure these rooms are available to those who need them specifically for that purpose.

Avoid using speakerphone at your workstation. Develop a softer telephone voice and adjust your ring loudness. Set your cell phone to vibrate, instead of ring.

Scents: Please refrain from using perfume, cologne, other scented products, or having strongly scented flowers. Remember that your colleagues might have allergies!

If you choose to eat at your desk, please be mindful of aromatic foods. Make sure to use the compost and recycle bins in the kitchen area. Your desk-side container is not serviced daily.

Focus and huddle rooms can be used for collaborative, private, and heads-down focused work; they are unscheduled spaces. Once finished, leave the door open and the lights off so others know they can use the room. Be respectful of others who may need to utilize these spaces; do not “camp out.”

Cancel conference room reservations, if not needed; a reserved but empty conference room is considered available 10 minutes after the reservation start time.

Kitchen etiquette is very important in a shared environment. Make sure to clean up after yourself (do your own dishes) and respect other people’s belongings and food. Dispose of your expired items in a timely fashion. All food/drinks placed in the refrigerator should have the initials of the owner and a date, so that periodic clean-up is easy.

In general, be a responsible member of our community and clean up after yourself in all spaces.

Try to wear (or carry) your Cal ID at all times. This helps others know who you are and recognize that you are a UC Berkeley employee or student. It will also make it easier for you to travel through keycard-secured areas and to access your print jobs.

Be aware of letting people in behind you; ask to see their Cal ID, if it not someone whom you recognize. Keycard-secured doors should not be propped open.

Make sure to lock up your belongings when leaving the building, including sensitive documents and laptops.

Fire code prohibits the use of personal space heaters, refrigerators, coffee machines, microwaves, etc. These types of items are not allowed at workstations or in offices.

Berkeley Way West is a zero waste building; make sure to recycle and compost!

Bike storage and showers: The bike entrance to the 1st floor secured parking area is from Hearst Avenue (keycard access required); there are five showers available within.

Lactation rooms: Lactation rooms are located on the 5th, 4th, and 3rd floors. To request access to the 5th floor room, contact BPH Operations Coordinator Andrea Natividad at

Restrooms: The 2nd and 5th floors have a mix of gender specific and single-user bathrooms. The 1st floor also has two large gender inclusive bathrooms, as well as a single-user bathroom.

Water filtration station: Each floor is equipped with a filtered water bottle filling station near each restroom. Please help us keep plastic bottles out of the waste stream.

Restaurants: The building has one restaurant on the ground level, Marugame Udon.

We are delighted to have new height-adjustable workstations. Using a height adjustable workstation allows for safe working postures in both sitting and standing positions. These workstations promote postural changes throughout the work day and have positive ergonomic and health benefits.

On-demand ergonomic training is available online under, “Computer Health Matters Online Training” on the University Health services website. If after taking the training, you need an ergonomic evaluation or consultation, contact Paul McCue in BPH Facilities. You are also encouraged to review all of the resources for ergonomics.

The BPH Facilities team (Janis Honda and Paul McCue) oversees general facilities needs for both Berkeley Way West and University Hall, including:

  • Ricoh printers/copiers/scanners (extra paper is stored in the 5th floor mailroom #5302)
  • Audiovisual equipment on 5th floor and University Hall
  • Keys and building access
  • Phone lines and phone equipment
  • Furniture changes/needs
  • Space planning

Contact BPH Facilities at or call (510) 643-0987

Berkeley Way West Building Manager Jeanette Thompson oversees facilities issues with the building itself, including:

  • Climate control
  • Custodial/janitorial needs
  • Elevator problems
  • Light fixtures/bulb burnout; fuses
  • Locked out of office/other spaces, if you cannot reach division/unit manager
  • Plumbing issues – leaks, clogs
  • Power outages
  • Building evacuation and building emergency plan

Building-related issues and requests are submitted via a system called Angus, to which several people have access. If there is a need in your area, please reach out to one of the following people: Rae Lundberg, any Division Manager, or Svetlana Battle.

The janitorial crew vacuums the common areas on a weekly basis; vacuuming of offices is currently by request. Please note the custodial staff does not have key access to offices. Set up your request with Andrea Natividad to find an appropriate time. Trash/recycling bins need to be placed outside of locked offices, if they are to be emptied.

Neighborhood: quadrant of workstations, offices, rooms, and spaces, organized by academic division or functional team

Workstation: your personal, assigned work space

Office: assigned work space for 1-2 occupants; available to others when not in use for a prolonged period (at the discretion of the occupant)

Focus room: unscheduled room that accommodates 1-2 people for focused work

Huddle room: unscheduled room that accommodates 4-6 people for focused work

Conference room: reservable meeting room (various sizes available)

Touchdown space: unassigned workstation for part-time employees, visitors, etc. as needed

Casual seating: booths, counters, armchairs, etc. throughout the floors for informal gathering, quiet work, rest periods, eating, etc.

Print area: shared print/copy/scan area, where multifunction devices are available for use

Our mailing address is:

Berkeley Way West
2121 Berkeley Way, Room 5302
Berkeley, CA 94720-7360

Mail Services delivers/pick-ups BPH mail to/from the 5th floor mailroom – Room 5302 (across from the kitchen) – on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Berkeley Way West’s mail code is 7360. University Hall’s mail code has changed to 7358. Make sure to update your campus directory listing, as well as your electronic signature block, letterhead, etc.

Flyers, posters, announcements, etc. may be posted in the 2nd floor kitchen, on the cork boards in the 5th floor kitchen and mail room, taped to columns, and inserted into mounted sign holders throughout the 5th floor. Please refrain from taping signage to the walls.

We now have a video wall in the 5th floor reception area. You will find the latest information about upcoming workshops, events, and more.

To request a nameplate for a cubicle or office in BWW, please use the following link: Employee Nameplate Request.

In addition to incoming/outgoing mail, the 5th floor mailroom – Room 5302 (across from the kitchen) – includes:

  • Reusable office supplies (feel free to take and to give!)
  • Copy paper, in varying sizes
  • E-waste collection site
  • Toner and battery recycling

To call within the University, only the last 5 digits are needed. When calling outside, dial “91” first.

Many of the huddle rooms and focus rooms are equipped with telephones. Huddle and focus room locations and phone numbers are listed here.

Facilities, Finance, and IT forms

UC Berkeley is updating its policy on booking business-related travel. Beginning on November 1 2021 employees booking flights for business travel will be required to book through the UC travel system  Connexxus. This means employee travelers will also need to use the Direct Bill system to generate the identification number that will be used to pay for flights within Connexxus.

The benefit of using Direct Bill is that staff and faculty don’t have to pay out of pocket upfront for their airfare, often well in advance of the travel, then having to wait until travel is completed before being able to get reimbursed. With Direct Bill they can charge their airfare directly to the university. With this change, travelers or their delegates will include the payment chartstring when they make the Direct Bill request, rather than providing it in the reimbursement request. Booking through Connexxus means travelers will automatically get travel insurance, ticket protection, and agent support for their trip. Other potential benefits include preferred seat options, priority standby and additional mileage. You can also find information on the program at UC Berkeley Travel’s website and the Berkeley Travel FAQ.

Watch the Connexxus training for business-related travel video on YouTube

Deficit spending guidance 2022-2023

This document provides guidance on how to request deficit spending exceptions on your research contracts and grants and how to work with your RA and BPH finance team.

View the BPH Research Deficit Guidance document.

BPH Process for Processing Paper Checks

  • Step 1: fill out this check deposit google form.
    Receiving this form will be the indication that there is a check waiting to be deposited.

  • Step 2: leave the check, envelope, and letter (if available) in the Bright Blue Lock Box which is located in the Berkeley Way West 5th floor mailroom. It will be unlabeled but you can’t miss it! Or mail it to:

Berkeley Public Health
Att: Finance Department/Terry Jackson
2121 Berkeley Way, Room 5302
Berkeley, CA 94720-7360

  • Step 3: Terry Jackson will be notified that a form has been submitted, collect the paper check from the lock box, and then log and deposit it.

If you need IT assistance, the fastest way to get service is to use the “Request IT Help” link on the ITCS webpage to open a service ticket. Alternatively, you can send an email to: for help.

Purchasing and payment request

If you or someone on your team has ever wondered what the best method of payment is here at UC Berkeley, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Controller’s Office and Supply Chain Management have teamed up to create the purchasing and payment matrix which outlines the recommended methods of payment for goods and services purchased.

Why was the matrix created?

One of the most common requests from UC Berkeley shoppers is for a list of what can and cannot be purchased with a bluCard, Event Planner Card (EPC), or any other card; and which items need to be purchased via a PO or some other method. The purchasing and payment matrix clearly outlines what is and isn’t allowed for each different purchasing method, and provides links to campus resources that describe the process and policies that limit which payment methods can be used for different activity types.

How do I use this resource?

If you have a need to purchase a specific good or service, search for that item on the main tab of the matrix to find information about which purchasing methods are preferred, allowed, or restricted. For some purchases, there is a required process and this is indicated within the columns; follow the links for more information on those items. On the far right column, you will find links to the UC policy that applies to purchases of that good or service.

If you have a specific payment method (for example, a bluCard) and would like to see a list of everything that can be purchased using that method, select the tab at the bottom of the matrix that corresponds to your purchase. This will re-order the rows to group together at the top of the page to show the goods or services that are allowed for that payment method.

What if the item I wish to purchase isn’t listed on the matrix?

The matrix currently contains 90 different goods or services, which represent the vast majority of purchases here at UC Berkeley. That being said, it is specifically designed to be updated when new goods or services are identified or when there are updates to campus processes or policies. If you are looking for something and don’t find it in the purchasing and payment matrix, let us know by following the link in the upper-right-hand side of the sheet that says “payment matrix feedback” and we will investigate and determine if updates are required. We’ll document any updates in the ‘changelog’ tab.

If you have questions about the purchasing and payment matrix, please contact

View the Purchasing and Payment Method Matrix here.