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BPH Work and Culture

Organizational chart and HR contact list


You can send emails to the BPH community (academics, faculty, staff, and students) via the following listservs:

The listservs are moderated. If appropriate to send, your message should be approved within a day of sending (usually more quickly). For most event announcements it is preferred that you add your event to the BPH calendar.

With the exceptions noted above in the list descriptions, these listservs are auto-maintained via employment records. Please contact Seana Van Buren if you would like an individual added to one of these lists. Contingent workers (i.e., affiliates, consultants, visiting scholars, visiting assistant researchers, volunteers) are not included on any of the listservs.

Academic Personnel Committee documents

Information about faculty bylaws and endowed chairs can be found here. Additional faculty policy documents will be included here as they become available. If you have any questions please contact

Faculty Advisory Council (FAC)

Staff learning and development

Berkeley Public Health values and supports both job-related and career-related professional development activities for our staff. These activities are wide-ranging and the possibilities abundant:

Staff Advisory Council

The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) serves in collaboration with the Dean of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health (BPH) to provide, foster, and support:

  • Leadership
  • Staff well-being and development
  • A positive BPH culture
  • Improved communications within BPH
  • Community building
  • A sense of unity

The staff of the School of Public Health consists of all full-time or part-time (active) career staff and non-Senate Academic appointees. In partnership with school faculty, the Staff Advisory Council provides shared leadership on issues affecting the broader BPH community and facilitates communication between faculty and staff. The Staff Advisory Council provides oversight and coordination of its committees, serves as a resource, and provides continuity within the school that transcends changes in administration.

To submit a comment, question, or idea to SAC, please send an email to, or contact any of the members. Or, share your thoughts and suggestions using the SAC C.A.R.E.S. virtual suggestion box.

SAC events committee

SAC Events is a fun and dynamic committee that seeks to recognize and highlight our outstanding staff, as well as enrich the employee experience while fostering a sense of community. With community-building as our mission, the committee’s primary activities involve organizing School-wide annual events such as: the fall potluck, craft fair, holiday party, spring luncheon, and other various events (ice cream socials, coffee hours, happy hours, etc.). Email the SAC Events Committee at

  • Staff Advisory Council members


    • Gina Grayson (co-chair)
    • Yanni Zhang (co-chair)
    • Kristine Doss (ex-officio)


    • Toshi Casey
    • Jordan Elmowitz
    • Shelley Jung
    • Lauren Krupa
    • Lauren Magsanay
    • Melissa Markay
    • Paul McCue
    • Andrea Natividad
    • Alicia Slater

Staff recognition

Recognizing staff for their contributions and successes is a key element in cultivating a positive culture in our school.

BPH and the campus offer a number of formal award programs. This table summarizes each program, including eligibility, timing, how to nominate, and award amounts.

Useful staff recognition links

Praise It Forward

You don’t have to wait for an award program — informal recognition can happen every day! It’s easy to recognize someone by taking a moment to personalize and give them a Praise It Forward Postcard. Pick up a supply in the Berkeley Way West 2nd floor or 5th floor kitchen; or email Seana Van Buren to have some sent via campus mail to your location.

Illustrated card with playful characters overlaid with thankful and supportive messages.

Staff organizations, councils, committees, and communities

Participation in staff groups offers the ability to become more involved in our school and in campus life, and to build and maintain a network of support. They can also provide enriching leadership opportunities.

  • Communities of Practice

    Members of a Community of Practice bring together staff with similar professional interests, and serve as a community to share knowledge and offer professional development. They develop a shared collective of resources and tools to enhance particular skills. Some Communities of Practice include:

    • Administrative Management Professionals (AMP)
    • Berkeley Events Network (BEN)
    • Berkeley Facilitator Network (BFN)
    • Business Process Analysis Working Group (BPAWG)
    • Cal Assessment Network (CAN)
    • Coalition for Education & Outreach (CEO)
  • Identity-based staff organizations

    Identity-based staff organizations are a collective of associations that offer opportunities for UC Berkeley staff to engage in collective community with others of similar interests. Some examples include:

    • Alianza
    • Alliance for Disability Access (ADA)
    • Asian Pacific American Systemwide Alliance (APASA)
    • Black Staff & Faculty Organization (BSFO)
    • Cal Women’s Network
    • Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Committee (CSAC)
    • LavenderCal
    • Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian (MENASA)
    • Native American Staff Council (NASC)
    • Staff Veterans Organization
  • UC Berkeley Special Interest Groups

    UC Berkeley Special Interest Groups are communities with an interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge. Their work is usually focused on specific tasks or interests with no official governing body. The special interest groups include:

    • Berkeley HEROES
    • University Section Club
    • W6BB Amateur Radio Club
  • Diversity, Inclusion, Community, and Equity (DICE) Committee

    DICE is an action-oriented committee composed of students, faculty, alumni and staff that works to promote Diversity, Inclusion, Community, and Equity at the Berkeley Public Health. DICE works to take meaningful, intentional action to create a more diverse and inclusive environment for BPH students, faculty, alumni and staff. Find more information about the DICE Committee on the student groups page.

  • Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment (SVSH) Prevention Committee

    The Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment (SVSH) Prevention Committee aims to foster a safe and inclusive climate at the Berkeley Public Health.