For Faculty and Staff

This section of the website provides helpful resources to faculty and staff to support our education and research efforts, and to help us collaborate more efficiently.

Communications Services and Resources

Please see this section for communications staff roles, brand and identity resources, project timelines and news and media guidelines.

Forms and Processes

Find all the forms and CSS information you need in the Forms Repository.


You can communicate with the BPH community by sending emails using the listservs found in this section.

Organizational Chart and Staff Contact List

Click here to view the current organizational chart for SPH. Click here to view the current contact list for SPH Human Resources & Academic Personnel.

Payroll Auto-donations

If you are a UC Berkeley employee, you may contribute on a monthly basis to the UC Berkeley School of Public Health via payroll deduction.

Room Reservations

Find out how to reserve rooms in Berkeley Way West and University Hall, and learn about room reservation best practices.

Staff Advisory Council

In partnership with school faculty, the Staff Advisory Council (SAC) provides shared leadership on issues impacting the broader SPH community and facilitates communication between faculty and staff. See who’s on the Staff Advisory Council, find out about its subcommittees, and learn about upcoming SAC-sponsored events.

Staff Learning and Development

The School of Public Health values and supports both job-related and career-related professional development activities for our staff.

Staff Recognition

Recognizing staff for their contributions and successes is a key element in cultivating a positive culture in our school.

Working in Berkeley Way West

Ongoing updates and information about the new School of Public Health space in the Berkeley Way West building.