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Guidelines for Lecturer Salary Setting, effective July 1, 2014:
  • The lecturer minimum salary rate is $49,012 (step 3).
  • The continuing lecturer minimum salary rate is $55,453 (step 8).
  • Credit is given for prior college-level teaching experience (two steps for every three years). GSI or Summer Sessions teaching doesn’t qualify.
  • Unit 18 (Lecturer – Tables 17A and 17B) Salary Scales

Summer Salary Information and Form

Faculty Salary Research Exchange (FSREP) updated for 2020-21

Sabbatical Forms

Please note: If you need IT assistance, the fastest way to get service is to use the “Request IT Help” link on the ITCS webpage to open a service ticket. Alternatively, you can send an email to: for help.

If you or someone on your team has ever wondered what the best method of payment is here at UC Berkeley, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Controller’s Office and Supply Chain Management have teamed up to create the purchasing and payment matrix which outlines the recommended methods of payment for goods and services purchased.

Why was the matrix created?
One of the most common requests from UC Berkeley shoppers is for a list of what can and cannot be purchased with a bluCardEvent Planner Card (EPC) or any other card; and which items need to be purchased via a PO or some other method. The purchasing and payment matrix clearly outlines what is and isn’t allowed for each different purchasing method, and provides links to campus resources that describe the process and policies that limit which payment methods can be used for different activity types.

How do I use this resource?
If you have a need to purchase a specific good or service, search for that item on the main tab of the matrix to find information about which purchasing methods are preferred, allowed, or restricted. For some purchases, there is a required process and this is indicated within the columns; follow the links for more information on those items. On the far right column, you will find links to the UC policy that applies to purchases of that good or service.

If you have a specific payment method (for example, a bluCard) and would like to see a list of everything that can be purchased using that method, select the tab at the bottom of the matrix that corresponds to your purchase. This will re-order the rows to group together at the top of the page to show the goods or services that are allowed for that payment method.

What if the item I wish to purchase isn’t listed on the matrix?
The matrix currently contains ninety different goods or services, which represent the vast majority of purchases here at UC Berkeley. That being said, it is specifically designed to be updated when new goods or services are identified or when there are updates to campus processes or policies. If you are looking for something and don’t find it in the purchasing and payment matrix, let us know by following the link in the upper-right-hand side of the sheet that says “payment matrix feedback” and we will investigate and determine if updates are required. We’ll document any updates in the ‘Changelog’ tab.

If you have questions about the purchasing and payment matrix, please contact

View the Purchasing and Payment Method Matrix

Purchasing and Payment Request Resources

Process for Student Financial Aid Awards

If your division, unit, or center would like to award a tuition/fees payment (excluding fee remission) or stipend to a student, please follow the process below:

Complete the new BPH Financial Aid Smartsheet. Before submitting a request, please be sure it has been approved by the fund manager. Thank you.

Other Student Services and Admissions Forms

BPH Course Proposal Procedures and Required Forms:

HR Processes

Resources and Quick Links

UCPath Online

The UCPath Online portal gives you access to many employee self-service features and, if applicable, manager self-service features.

  • Employee self-service includes: update name, address, phone number, emergency contacts; review leave balances; add, delete, update direct deposit; review online pay statements; update federal/California tax withholding; enroll in benefits; enter life event(s)
  • Manager/supervisor self-service includes: direct reports’ employee information; absence balances; compensation rates

You will continue to use the At Your Service Online portal to: view and update beneficiary information; view and print past W-2s; view past benefits information; view or change retirement savings account information

Student Assistant Hiring

ASE/GSR and Student Assistant FAQs for Supervisors & Student Employees

For supervisors who need assistance, the Dean’s Office provides support for the hiring of Student Assistants.  This can include advertising on the Work-Study Program jobsite and subsequent work-study referral, UCPath position # assignment, hiring request submission to Berkeley Regional Services, and coordination of extensions/separations.  The hiring process must be complete before a student employee can begin working.  To request support, contact:

For hiring GSRs, GSIs, Readers, and/or Tutors, contact your division/research business manager.

For others who manage Student Assistant hiring, you will need a unique UCPath position # in order to refer a student to a position on the Work-Study Program jobsite and to complete the hiring request submission to Berkeley Regional Services.  To request a Student Assistant Position #, complete this webform; please allow up to 48 hours for the position # to be sent to you via email.

Staff Recruitments and Appointments

To create a new position or refill an existing position, follow this staff step-by-step process guide or process map.

Academic Research (Specialist, Project Scientist, Researcher) Recruitments & Appointments

To create a new position or refill an existing position, follow this academic step-by-step process guide.