We are on the forefront of research that characterizes how environmental exposures—industrialization, unplanned urbanization, effects of climate change and microbial and chemical contamination of water, air and food—affect human populations, particularly the most vulnerable members of society, such as young children, pregnant women, workers, and those lacking resources and power.

Our faculty and students develop and apply cutting-edge methods, build research collaborations with global and domestic partners, and lead major research centers and projects around the world. Through our programs of study, faculty educate, challenge and inspire tomorrow’s leaders in environmental health.


Environmental Health Sciences

Degrees in Environmental Health Sciences

Microbial and chemical contamination of water and air, unplanned urbanization, industrialization, climate change, and other sources of environmental exposure affect human populations everyday. Through cutting-edge methods and multinational research collaborations, we prepare tomorrow’s leaders in environmental health to assess the impacts of environmental exposure and advance the means for their control.

PhD in Environmental Health Sciences

Master’s in Environmental Health Sciences (MPH)

Master’s in Environmental Health Sciences (MS)

Environmental Health Sciences

Degrees in Global Health and Environment

The most pressing and complicated health challenges facing the global community require a transdisciplinary approach from global health leaders. Our curriculum emphasizes a multipronged skill set to understand the pathways and control measures for environmental pollutants—including pesticides, air pollutants, industrial contaminants, and vector-borne and waterborne pathogens—at the household, community, regional and global levels.

Master’s in Global Health and Environment (MPH)

Master’s in Global Health and Environment (MS)

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Jacqueline Ferguson

The professors are at the top of their field and the university is dedicated to creating exceptional students while simultaneously encouraging both mental and personal growth.

Jacqueline Ferguson
Environmental Health Sciences PhD

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